Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time.


FRIENDS was one of those "right places"...........  

 at the right time


It was a crazy fun ride and I am so proud to have worked on the show.  Every time I hear the theme song on the radio, I have to laugh.... what a great time we had... and still do.

The success of FRIENDS and ER was so huge that all kinds of  issues popped up.  Suddenly we had new security issues as well as dealing with the publicity.  I just remember how everything seemed to change overnight.

The best part of this job was the great people that I got to meet and work with.  The cast and crew of FRIENDS are the best.  There were a lot of long days and nights and I remember napping in the chairs in JOEY and CHANDLERS living room after tapings.   I made some really great friends and  have some great memories from the show.  I still visit the show often and  I miss working with them.  

I think the show is well written and the cast is awesome.  I am proud to have worked on the show for 4 years and be a part of such a great group.

I have great memories from the show and I will always look back on it as one of the highlights of my life.

I remember playing pool with the cast and just hanging out with everyone on friday nights.  I miss playing basketball behind the set and I miss all the high energy that happens when there is a taping and all the incredible guest stars. 


Over the years we had a lot of fun and dealt with some crazy things... there was never a dull moment on the set.



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