West Wing was the last show I worked on at WB.  I joined the JWP (John Wells Prod) team to do two pilots called TRINITY and ADVERSARIES.  TRINITY was picked up but only lasted a 6 episodes.  I was asked to stay on to  do another show and given the script.  It was the best pilot script I had ever read, so I decided to work on the pilot. 

 What a great experience.  

The search was on to find a set.  We found an old White House set that was in pretty bad shape but would be better than starting from scratch.  Weeks of repair began.  

We also contacted the White house for tours and info.  It was amazing to me how excited they would get when we called.  I could hear them yelling my name down the halls of the white house..... "IT'S RAN... from Warner Bros."  I thought it was cool that my name was being yelled in the white house.  

The cast and crew are great on this show and I had a blast on the pilot, but I was ready to go do feature films and I left after the pilot.  I visit them often and we now do MAKE A WISH together. 


It was a blast


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