In 1989, my father, living in Texas, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and given only about a year to live. Living in Los Angeles and feeling helpless, my parents suggested that I do volunteer work. Since my family had been so active in charities for children, I decided to volunteer for the Make-A-Wish foundation. After meeting with them, they asked if I thought I could get a child to meet a TV celebrity. Since I worked at Warner Bros. I was able to get clearance very quickly.

That wish formed a partnership between the MAKE -A-WISH Foundation, myself and the employees of Warner Bros. that has granted wishes for about 100 children over the last 10 years. It has become one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and I am so grateful that I am a part of the team that changes lives of children with life threatening illness. I do these wishes in memory of my father, Alfred H. Barker, it makes me feel that something good came out of his death. He was so proud of what this venture was able to do.





Melissa and her family went to ER, WEST WING and FRIENDS. We went all over the lot and visited everyone and Melissa got to get her picture taken with Noah Wyle and Martin Sheen. We also got to take some photos on the set of FRIENDS

I am so lucky that so many people believed in what I wanted to do and embraced it and became part of the team. These are the people that make these wishes come true and without them, none of this would be possible.

You do all the hard work so I can do all the fun stuff and then turn around and thank me over and over for all my hard work. Without you, none of this would have been possible and you have no idea the impact it has made on my life. You give me a chance to be part of something that changes the lives of so many people. It is such a pleasure working with you and I hope that it continues for as long as its needed.

(including George Clooney)

I could write a book on how wonderful I think you guys are. I just show up with the kid and you guys make magic, spending hours with these kids and making them the center of attention the entire time. I know it's tough to do these wishes on top of your demanding schedule but you would never know it by the attention you give these kids.  I wish everyone could see you guys with these kids, you guys become kids yourself and are so excited to see them and show them your world. You always go beyond the call of duty and these children are always so blown away by all the attention. You guy show up on your days off, take them to other sets, signing autographs, giving them t-shirts, scrubs, stage badges, taking pictures with them and most of all, spending quality time with them.   Working with you as your Administrator and with MAKE-A-WISH has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and what I am most proud of.   I am also honored that you consider me to be a part of the family and that we have remained so close even after I left Warner Bros.   You know I worship the ground you guys walk on.   I wish you guys could be with me at the end of the wishes--they are so overcome by everything that you have done for them and those memories and gifts, give them strength in the tough times ahead.   Many of the kids write and tell me how they look at the pictures and remember the good time they had and it bonds the family together.  They take these things to the hospitals and it helps them get though it all.   You give these kids the best day of their life and they will NEVER forget it.
Most of the Wishes we do are for FRIENDS AND ER, but so many other shows want to get involved that they have allowed us to visit their sets when they are on the lot. Even though the wish was not for them- you would never know by the attention they give- Thank you -WEST WING, SUDDENLY SUSAN, JAMIE FOXX and LOIS and CLARK.

Special thanks to Lew, Mindy , Martin, Brad, Rob, Alison and Steve.
Even before we had any wishes to come to  your set,  you always open your doors when these children were on the lot. Martin, you are a saint, you go out of your way to make these kids feel special and I am so in awe of what you do. The rest of the cast and crew are amazing as well. It was a pleasure to work on this great show and an even greater honor to work with you on these wishes.  Mindy and Steve- I can't thank you enough for all you do.
  Without the two of you, none of this would be possible, you change these kids lives. THANK YOU.

Thanks for allowing us to come onto your set and look around-When ever you guys are around - you guys always stop what you are doing to spend time with these kids. Dean Cain-I could always count on you to make these kids feel so special- you always went out of your way-Wish you were still around - I miss our basketball games.





Yoshika and her family came to visit the cast and crew of ER, we also visited other sets as well and we took this picture at the tour department. Yoshika is from Japan and spoke very little english but we had a translator and never had a problem communicating.    









John Wells, Kristin Harms, Andrew Stearn, and Susan Stofsky


(Producer of FRIENDS)
thanks for being my mentor and friend

you always make it work- Thank you for always asking me to help- I love it-you rock

Thanks for all the hard work- I miss seeing you guys

The crew of the TOUR DEPARTMENT

WB Security and FRIENDS Security
you always make them feel special

everything I ask for is "NO PROBLEM" thank you.   You make it all happen.    Without you, these wishes would not come true.   

The staff of the WB COMPANY STORE
thanks for the VIP treatment

The staff of the WB MUSEUM
thanks for always working us in and to the HUNDREDS of other WB employees that go out of their way give these kids the RED CARPET -VIP treatment when they are at WB.

ISLANDS (Burbank)

I am so lucky to be a part of the greatest group of people- Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful team


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