Paul Eppleston

(323) 240-6929


5 11


Dk. Blonde







Flowers of the Madman Flower #2 (voice) Jason Harrington, dir.
Kiss Me Goodnight Evidence keeper Virginia Woodruff, dir.
Delaware Dogs Waiter Jason Underhill, dir.
Puzzled Jimmy Tosca Musk, dir.
Fugly Radio DJ Tom Whelan, dir.
Buddy Stand-in Caroline Thompson, dir.
Jingle All the Way Featured Brian Levant, dir.


The News From Babyville Voices: Sam Dunkin, I.P. Owen Pilot
Creature Chronicles (puppet edu. - comedy) Puppeteer: Morrie, Grandpa, Morals the Dog ICTV-54
Tales of the Rounded Pie! (sitcom) Agent Fletcher, Stock ICTV-54
The Nothing Special (sketch comedy) Stock ICTV-54


The All-Write Review - variety show Various Write Act Repertory
The Devil's Bride Scribe (Dogberry understudy) Write Act Repertory
Happy DAMN Valentines - sketch comedy Various DAMN LA
A Scary DAMN Show sketch comedy Various DAMN LA
Lysistrata Scythian Guard The Lysistrata Project
12 Plays of Christmas: Ghostrider; Reindeer Really Know How To Fly Gilbert, Paul Actors Workout Studio
Servants of Motion Victor Company of Angels
Start Me Up Cal Moving Arts
An Awfully Big Spotlight Jack, Male Voices Masquers Cabaret
The Cost of Living: An Awfully Big Spotlight Jack, Male Voices Actors Workout Studio
3 Klass Acts: Crowded House John Actors Workout Studio
The Cat's Meow Chaplin's Steward Coast Theater/Matrix
American Musical Medley Stock Troy Performing Japan Ambassadors
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown! Charlie Brown Barn in the Park
Funny Girl Eddie Troy Drama!
My Fair Lady Zoltan Karpathy, Harry, Street Chorus, Ascot Gavot Chorus Troy Drama!
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Eddie McCuen Troy Drama!
See How They Run Corp. Clive Winton Troy Drama!
Don't Drink the Water Sultan of Bashir Troy Drama!
Let Me Hear You Whisper Doctor Troy Drama!
Our Town (one act) Stage Manager Troy Drama!


Vibe Factory Worker Pontiac
Tech Tune Rapper PMI Food Equip. Grp


Fran Montano (Meisner based) Jim Blanchette (Mechanics of Believability) Barry Lynch (Scene study) Bob Bergen (Animation Voice) Mary Kay Bergman (Animation Voice) Philece Sampler (Voice-Over) Louise Chamis (Voice-Over/Animation Voice)

Special Skills

Basic Russian; soccer, darts, jiu-jitsu (Dan Zan Ryu & Brazilian: white belt), paintball, quarterstaff, sword, photography, painting (art & house), handyman, teaching, computers (PC&Mac), cooking, scientific terminology, knots (nautical, lashing, splices, decorative), puppetry, animation voice and voice matching.


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