Bill's 323.569.9980

Cell:  646.260.5084



Height: 511


Eyes: Hazel


Weight: 165


              Hair: Dark Brown



The Key Man Asst. Stunt Coord. /

 ND Driving

Dale Girard                 Occupant Films
Fall Down Dead Stunt Double Dale Girard                 New Films International
Wish Fulfillment Stunt Actor Robert Westley                 Hot Pink Tux Productions
Big Boss Pool Party Fight Coordinator Allen Suddeth                 GoodFoot Movement Prod
This Actually Happened Fight Coordinator Timothy Eulich                Three21 Films
Nova Rock       Utility Stunts Robert Westley                  Lost Dreams Productions
The None Too Pretty Stunt Actor Geoffrey Kent                  Fight Guy Productions

Personal Skills Include:


Over 8 years of stage / film fighting experience

swordplay (European and Martial)        knife fights      brawls / street fights         martial arts

staff / pole arms       foot falls               stair falls           high falls                           fire burns

air ram                        ratchets                mini tramp        trampoline                        rappelling

wire work                   bicycle falls         


Flight Arranger/  Coordinator:


gang / street weapons         knife fights                         brawls                   European swordplay

staff / pole arms                 grappling                            wrestling


Other Skills Include:


Snow skiing                         mountain / road biking       rollerblading          climbing               stilt walking

juggling (clubs / blades / torches, passing)                   physical comedy  mime /clown

puppeteer                            swimming



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